A complete guide to female orgasms

It is an undisputed fact that majority of women do not orgasms while sex. If you too climax early leaving your female partner without orgasms, it is suggested to you that you learn the facts and techniques to make your lady relax after sex. We know books and videos sometimes too are not enough to understand the need of women during sexual encounter. Though every woman is different and have distinct sexual fetish, but still an expert in sex can be an effective guide.

If you are in Melbourne, then to understand things enjoyed and loved by women most during sex then you can go for a private mature escort, who is professional and can help you learn new ways of pleasure and improve your timing. And to find private escorts in Melbourne, Classic Escorts can really help you sort this battle. As girls here are amazingly experienced and professional escorts with whom you cannot only have volcanic sexual encounter but can also have suggestions from them to improve your contribution in sex. Know what female enjoys the most with these bold escorts and have your sexual life back on track.

Positions loved by women

Sex is generally about correct position and postures and the positions popular amongst women as suggested by one of our escorts in the Melbourne are as follows.

  • Butterfly position
  • Modified coital alignment technique
  • The countertop
  • Baring the sceptor
  • The seated scissors
  • Get off and stand up posture
  • Uncloaking the cult
  • Shake and bake
  • The pushing tush
  • Scissors

It is individual likes and dislikes but all above postures are famous and most popular amongst women. While along with above clients can also gather information and experience bout distinct types of sex like genital, oral sex, rubs, anal sex etc  for variety and spice in sex.

For any inexperienced sexual desire and any query regarding sex, hire our escorts and experience the right course of sex with suggestions.

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